Timpohon Trail 1.5km to 2km

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu:

This was one of the very stunning view of a tropical rain forest. At 1.5 KM of the road, we are already at 2,164 meter or 7,100 feet above sea level.

A tropical rain forest at 2,164 meter or 7100 feet above sea level. The weather is cool. 

Safe terrain. There is no technical difficulty.
Just follow the path and walk upward.

We were over taken by many porters who carry heavy load of goods to
Laban Rata, the rest house that we stayed the night later.

Regardless how long you insisted to rest, you still need to climb upward. (September 2010)

If you realised, we were walking on well maintained staircase.

Quiet and serene.  3 more minutes to reach KM 2.0 milestone.

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu: