Timpohon Trail at 1.5km

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu:

We saw some local plants, Nepenthes.

This is the place we took a rest. It is called Pondok Ubah, i.e. the Change Hut.
See what we have here, Pondok "UBAH".

Traffic got a bit congested at this busy Jungle street. But still, the direction is up.

The scenery becomes beautiful before reaching the KM 1.5 milestone. It was just the beginning.

September 2011 photo.

We took a rest here to enjoy the scenery.
Unlike Mesilau Trail, there were not as many nice scenery places along Summit Trail.

My tired face.

I just think it was absolutely stunning. I am not talking about my photo, but the actual scenery at that moment.

Finally we reached the KM1.5 milestone at 9.59 am 15 September 2011.

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu: