Why Climbing Mt Kinabalu?

The only time I ever questioned why am I climbing Mt Kinabalu was when I was struggling right after Sayat Sayat checkpoint. For a split second I questioned. I brushed the doubt away without second thought. I always know I want to climb to the summit of Mt Kinabalu.

Descending from the summit of Mt Kinabalu. The angle of the camera makes the slope looks steeper than it actually is. Don't worry, this part is much safer than its look. I think it is only about 45 degree.

I knew from the very beginning it is
  1. for experience of life
  2. for the beautiful and spectacular scenery
  3. to be counted as achievement in life (Check! Been there, done that!)
  4. to go with a group of friends
  5. to fulfill one of my teenage dreams. Mountain climbing is one of my recorded down hobby in my teenage's journal

Mount Kinabalu view from island.