Clothing to Hike

It is important to keep yourself dry during the 2 days climb, from sweat and rain.

These are the apparel: t-shirt, collar shirt, long sleeves shirt,
track pants, Bermuda pants, headband, baseball cap, etc.

How many sets of clothes do you need for the climb?

From Kinabalu Park to Summit, back to Kinabalu Park and leave for airport, you need at least 4 sets of clothes to keep yourself comfortably dry.

This is how:
  1. 1st set - From Kinabalu Park HQ to Laban Rata Resthouse (Remember to bring along 2nd set of clothes with you in your backpack. Sometime, your porter who carry your luggage may come a few hours after you reach Laban Rata. You would want to have your 2nd set of clothes to change once you reach Laban Rata.)
  2. 2nd set - From Laban Rata Resthouse to Summit and back to Laban Rata. If the temperature is low you may want to add another layer of T shirt. Wear long track pants for Summit.
  3. 3rd set - From Laban Rata back to Kinabalu Park's HQ.
  4. 4th set - From Kinabalu Park's HQ to airport and go home.
(A set of clothing includes shirt, pants, underwear & socks.)

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What can you wear during the hike or climb to Laban Rata?

(not include the night climb to summit)
Well, almost anything comfortable for sports.
  • T-Shirt
  • Bermuda short OR lightweight (and water resistant) track pants
  • A pair of good trekking shoes
  • Socks
  • Knee guards & ankle guards
  • Headband or baseball cap
  • Towel
  • Gloves (if you want)
  • Don't wear jeans during the climb. Jeans will become heavy if there is rain.

To prepare for sudden bad whether like heavy rain, you will need to bring
  • rain coats (disposable type is lighter in weight)
  • Water proof jacket or wind breaking (temperature may drop during rain or night)
  • spare socks and underwear

Well...does not look
very good though.

Alice from the back. Track
pants, gloves, towel, etc.

What should you wear during the night climb to summit?

  • T shirt
  • I added a layer of thermal wear outside T shirt
    • Some simply add a few more layers of T shirt
    • Some may opt of lightweight jumper/ sweater instead of multi layers of T shirt.
  • Water proof jacket or wind breaker with hood (to cover ears in cold whether)
  • Beanie, to cover ears in cold whether
  • Long lightweight track pants (water resistant)
  • A pair of good trekking shoes & socks
  • Knee guards & ankle guards
  • Headband or baseball cap
  • Towel
  • Gloves (Important: there will be a part of the trail that you will need to hold and pull a rope. The night can be very cold too.)
  • Headlamp (Important: you must have this to climb safely during the night. Make sure you check your battery before you start.)
  • Bring along rain coat

Junious and his beanie.

Still wearing my headlamp. But
promptly recovered from altitude

One useful suggestion, water proof your clothes by putting each set of clothe in different plastic bags.
You can find good advises here on clothing to climb Mt Kinabalu: Mt Kinabalu: a guide to the climb of a lifetime.
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