Dawn at Mt Kinabalu Summit

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu:

I climbed extremely slow due to altitude sickness before reaching Sayat Sayat Hut. It was the last checkpoint before reaching the "roof top". I walked slowly, took another altitude sickness pill, and stopped at every few moves.

After Sayat Sayat, the terrain changed again. It was a flat rocky field slanting upward. At one point I crawled on the floor and touched the very slanting rocky floor, lied down and watched the stars high above. It was a clear starry night. I recognised Orion quickly. I stayed there for a while with my friend accompanied me. The mountain guide asked my friend to persuade me to give up.

I continued to struggle until my altitude sickness magically disappeared (Probably the medication took effects) right at dawn. I looked at my friend, told him I recovered. We both took out cameras and started to take photo...

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2011 climb

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu: