Grace Hostel (Grace Lodge) at Kinabalu Park

Most people reach Kinabalu Park a day earlier before climbing Mount Kinabalu. When you book your place through the park operator, Sutera Sanctuary Lodges, to climb Mt Kinabalu, your package include a night stay at Kinabalu Park's Head Quarter before the climb.

In both of my climbs, we were arranged to stay in Grace Hostel. It is clean, cozy and comfortable. I like the bed. It is very comfortable.

This is how Grace Hostel looks like:
The living room of Grace Hostel.
More photos on room and bathroom here...

The external look of Grace Hostel. Thanks to Junious for this photograph.
At Reception Office, the receptionist will arrange a van to fetch you and your luggage to Grace Hostel. Transport within the HQ of Kinabalu Park is free. Just give the Reception Office a call (24 hours open), the on-duty receptionist will arrange van to pick you up.

The interior look of the bedroom. The bed is comfortable.
I slept well in both climbs. Again, thanks to Junious for this photo.
You will find towel, shampoo, body shampoo, etc.
in the cabinet for each climber.
Toilet and bathroom at Grace Hostel.

Clean toilets and bathrooms.
I took a photo, quickly, of lady's toilet too. :-P

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