Timpohon Trail 3.0km to 3.5km (3) Approximately 2,500 Metres (8202 ft)

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu:

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Walking towards Laban Rata.
It is one of the rare flat stretches of path along the uphill hiking path.
This photo was taken at approximately 2,500 meters (8,200 feet) above sea level. We were just about to reach the 3.5km road signpost in 3 minutes time. I waited to let others walk further so that I could capture a quiet scene. The 11.55am noon sunshine brightened some parts of the path and the twinkling greenery.

It was on 15 September 2011, the second time I climbed up Mount Kinabalu.

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Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu:


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