Panar Laban Huts: Accommodation at Laban Rata

Panar Laban Huts (3,314.3 meters above sea level) located at approximately 200 meters away from Laban Rata Rest House. It is a short distance uphill walk. If you are allocated to stay in Panar Laban, after reaching Laban Rata Rest House, you will go to the Reception counter to get your keys and towels.

Panar Laban Huts are made of two huts. There are 4 beds in each hut. Both huts come with attached pantry with basic cooking facilities. You can boil water for tea or to cook instant noodle. Hot water is useful here as the bathroom has no hot water and you have to walk 20 meter away to the bathroom. The water is very cold here. I poured hot water to my towel. Then I wiped my body with the hot wet towel, instead of bathing.

Panar Laban Huts

The toilets and bathrooms at Panar Laban. It is reasonably clean, but don't hope for 3 stars.
The cozy beds in Panar Laban Hut

These are the pro and con staying at Panar Laban instead of Laban Rata Rest House.

1. You have full control of electricity (Those who stay in Laban Rata Rest House has no control over the switches of electricity.)
2. Fantastic views
3. Attached pantry. You can boil hot water and have instant noodle.

1. Need to walk downhill to Laban Rata Rest House for buffet meals.
2. Need to walk outside to go toilet.

Though it is not heated, from my experience, the temperature in the hut is not cold. There is sufficient warm blankets in the hut. You can find more information about accommodation at Laban Rata, Panar Laban, Gunting Lagadan, Waras Hut, etc. at this website.

The view at Panar Laban is beautiful. The building at the bottom left of the photo is Laban Rata.
Mountain at the back of Panar Laban Huts.

Mountain at the back of Panar Laban Huts.

When you make your booking, remember to confirm with the receptionist your preferred accommodation, i.e. Laban Rata Rest House, Panar Laban, Gunting Lagadan, Waras Hut, etc.

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