Mobile Phones on Mount Kinabalu

Mobile Phone Signals

In both my climbs, September 2010 and September 2011, the only mobile service available at Laban Rata Resthouse was Maxis. There was no signal from other service providers at Laban Rata.

For summit, there was no signal above Sayat Sayat which is the last check point before reaching summit's plateau. Therefore, at summit, i.e. the plateau near Donkey Ears, South peak, Low's peak, etc. there was no mobile phone reception.

(Edited on 18 Feb 2012: a reader informed that his Celcom network works and "managed to have mobile coverage all the way up till just before the summit, i.e. on the plateau before the final 100m climb up the rocks to Low's Summit." Amazing Celcom.)

Phone Chargers

You can bring along your phone charger to Laban Rata. There is electricity.

In Laban Rata Rest House, the main building, electricity is not stable and all electricity shut off after, if I remember correctly, 7.00 pm.

However, for other lodging huts around Laban Rata Rest House, i.e. Panar Laban, Waras Hut, Burlington Hut, Gunting Lagadan Hut, etc. you are in control of the electric switches. The electricity here is more stable.