Climbing the terrain (Part 2: Descending)

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu:

From Summit to Sayat Sayat

  • This is the most beautiful stretch of the climb
  • Be careful of your steps and walk slowly. It is quite easy to slip and fall on the trail during downhill walk, especially when the scenery is so beautiful
  • Follow the white rope

Walk slowly

Grand view

Sayat Sayat checkpoint at the bottom

More photo on the descent before reaching Sayat Sayat

From Sayat Sayat to Laban Rata

  • Watch out for time. Breakfast buffet at Laban Rata closes at 10.00am. So make sure you return to Laban Rata before 10am
  • This is the part that you need to pull the rope during the ascending climb at night. Now you can see how beautiful the view is

Right after Sayat Sayat

You can see Laban Rata Resthouse at the bottom. But it is still quite a long way to reach Laban Rata.
You can't see this at night when you climb up. This is the stretch after Sayat Sayat before reaching Laban Rata during your descent.
Very near to Laban Rata now.

From Laban Rata to Kinabalu Park

  • Leave Laban Rata as early as possible. Chances of rain is higher at the later part of the day.

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu: