Night Hike To Summit Before Sayat Sayat 6.0km to 7.0km (2)

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu:

The steepness (slope) of 6KM to 7KM is 0.28 (Vertical 383 meter and horizontal 924 meter) which is much easier as compared to the 0.41 slope of 7KM to 8KM.

However, this stretch of trail is tiring and "difficult" for a few reasons:

  • the climb is in the middle of night at our usual sleeping hours, i.e. 2am - 5am.
  • part of this stretch of trail, approximately 50 meters, requires the climbers to walk on a ledge in the dark and later hold to a white rope to pull themselves up
  • lacking oxygen, 7KM is at 3,653 meters or 11,985 ft above sea level
  • it is cold, our clothes is thick and we are sweating
  • it is dark, we need to get use to the torch lights visually

Walking on a ledge. Don't worry, it is safe.

Pull yourself up.

After the difficult part, take a rest.

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu: