Descending right after Sayat Sayat checkpoint

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu:

The scenery gets very beautiful and more vegetation after Sayat Sayat check point. I love the blue sky and the sunshine on the mountain. It is also the stretch where we need to be more careful and hold the rope while climbing down. Check out the photographs below.

I love the blue sky of these two photo. How can I not adding them here? :-)

After leaving Sayat Sayat. Looking backward.

Looking upward after leaving Sayat Sayat Check Point.

On our way going down to Laban Rata. This is the stretch right after Sayat Sayat checkpoint.This is the only part of the climbing trail that requires holding rope.

I tried to get another nearer shot but my flash compact card was fulled at the crucial moment.

Just walked pass Sayat Sayat checkpoint.

Some climbers slowed down at this part.

It cannot be fast. We had to go down slowly. 

When we climbed up the night before, pulling the rope, we could not see the beautiful panorama scenery due to darkness.

It is not difficult. Just need to be careful. You can see Laban Rata resthouse from here.

We just had to be patient of the speed. It was perfect for me, I just kept taking photo shots.

My two uncles. They are both fitter than me. Larry (left) is Hash House Harriers runner and Dr Loo (right) has been slowing down for me to catch up with him.

This blogger from Philippines, Joanna of, has very good photos and series of photos on the descent journey right after Sayat Sayat. She is a good writer and has awesome photos.

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu: