Blog on the Experience of Climbing Mt Kinabalu

If you can read Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysia Language), I highly recommend this blog post "Gunung Kinabalu Trip 2013" by a lady Marathon runner and blogger called @NANNOOR.

Based on the blog,
  • this was her third times to climb Mount Kinabalu. (So she is experienced)
  • the group followed Mesilau trail (which I had not tried before and therefore had not written before in this blog)
  • she and her husband are Marathon runners, both are fit. In fact, the people in the Group (with kids) all seemed fit during the climb

It is written in Malaysia Language in three parts and it is entertaining:

Mesilau trail is 2 kilometers more than Timpohon trail. It took her 7 hour 25 minutes to reach Laban Rata from Mesilau Gate. The trail is more scenic than the Timpohon trail with more variations in terms of scenery, i.e. forest, rocks face, cliffs, etc.

My own photo in climbing to Low's Peak.