The entire climb of Mount Kinabalu in 4 minutes

This is one of the best video made on climbing Mt Kinabalu. The entire climb in 4 minutes. It is comprehensive, covering all important aspects of the terrain and timing. It is produced by a reputable tour agency, Amazing Borneo. Their setting in youtube allowed me to embed and share the video here. I link this post to their website since they produced such a good video.

Quite amazing, indeed. This is exactly how we climbed Mt Kinabalu, i.e. the timing and the terrain.

Below is another good video on climbing the rope-holding zone.

  I added some of my climbing photos to this post as below.
Going down hill.

Standing at the highest point of the peak. Other climbers waiting for us to step down. The background is South Peak and St John peak.

Clear sky beneath our feet. We can see the villages like looking into a crystal clear lake water. It was a truly amazing experience.

Highest Point of Low's Peak, Mt Kinabalu

Low's Peak is the highest point of Mount Kinabalu. The tip or the highest point of Low's Peak is a very small standing area with three little signboards.

Low's Peak is a very busy place at dawn. You can see many climbers standing at the top of the peak.
You can see climbers queuing to have their turn to stand at the highest point of the peak.

Low's Peak can be quite congested with climbers at dawn.

The highest point of the peak is a very small standing area that allows for, maybe, less than 5 people standing together at any one time. From the photo above you can see climbers climbed up to the tip point of the peak from one side of the slope (gradual slope at the left side of photo). The other side of the peak is a very steep granite slope. It is fenced with safety railing to prevent people to walk or stand too near to the edge.

Climbers have to wait in a queue for their turn to step up to this small tip area of Low's Peak to take a few photo and feel their moment of "reaching-the-peak" achievement. And they step down in a timely manner for other climbers to have their moments. It is a busy area at dawn or before dawn when all climbers try to stay there as long as possible to take a few more photos or to see the sunrise.

Low's Peak, Climbers stand here to take photo and celebrate their achievement in reaching the peak. (2011 photo)

Climbers will stand behind or beside these three signboards above to take their photographs. Do you notice the safety railing at the left side of the photo? It prevents the climbers to stand too near to the edge.

Below are a few photos of the surrounding taken at the highest point of the peak.

The safety railing and the area behind the Low's Peak signboard.

The area crossed over the safety railing/ fence. This photo was taken within the fenced area.

It is dangerous to cross over the safety railing. The fence is meant to protect the climbers. For our own safety we should not take risk.

Turn around. Looking at South Peak from the top of Low's Peak. Safety railing or the fence is at your left hand side now.

At Low's Peak looking South toward South Peak. (2010 photo)

Other climbers were waiting for you to step down so that they can have their turn to stand at the peak.

Just follow the rope to get down to Laban Rata.

Step-by-Step Terrain of Mount Kinabalu:

Waves at Karambunai: North of Kota Kinabalu

I brought my family to Karambunai 3 months after I climbed Mount Kinabalu for the first time. We stayed at Nexus Resort. It was my second time to Sabah.

It is worth mentioning because the ocean waves of Karambunai are big and powerful, yet warm, friendly and safe (pushing us toward the shore). I was trying to find appropriate words to describe the experience playing with the waves at Karambunai beach. And I think I would say "this warm, powerful, sloshing continuous waves of Karambunai is a warm and gentle giant."

These photos at the beach of Nexus resort at Karambunai, Sabah, should give you a feel of how big the waves are. Click the photos to see full screen.

It should be approximately 3 meter to 4 meter height.

But the powerful waves seem to be safe as it kept pushing us toward a specific place of the beach.Click the photos to see them in full screen (or full size photo) in order to have a feel of the magnificent ocean waves.

Warm ocean waves in the morning.

Strong wind in the morning.

The warm and gentle giant. It was in December 2010.

Catching a stranger family on the waves' photograph.

Click the photo, see it in full size and you will be in awe.

Children and people looking at waves in the morning. Remember, click the photo to see the full sized photo.

Nexus Resort at Karambunai

Beside the waves and the beach at Karambunai, the resort, Nexus Resort, is decent although the price is a bit expensive.

The garden. 

Breezy lounge.

The room at Nexus Resort.

One of the restaurants.

Swimming pool.

More photo of waves at Karambunai and Karambunai's Nexus Resort & Spa.