The entire climb of Mount Kinabalu in 4 minutes

This is one of the best video made on climbing Mt Kinabalu. The entire climb in 4 minutes. It is comprehensive, covering all important aspects of the terrain and timing. It is produced by a reputable tour agency, Amazing Borneo. Their setting in youtube allowed me to embed and share the video here. I link this post to their website since they produced such a good video.

Quite amazing, indeed. This is exactly how we climbed Mt Kinabalu, i.e. the timing and the terrain.

Below is another good video on climbing the rope-holding zone.

  I added some of my climbing photos to this post as below.
Going down hill.

Standing at the highest point of the peak. Other climbers waiting for us to step down. The background is South Peak and St John peak.

Clear sky beneath our feet. We can see the villages like looking into a crystal clear lake water. It was a truly amazing experience.