Waves at Karambunai: North of Kota Kinabalu

I brought my family to Karambunai 3 months after I climbed Mount Kinabalu for the first time. We stayed at Nexus Resort. It was my second time to Sabah.

It is worth mentioning because the ocean waves of Karambunai are big and powerful, yet warm, friendly and safe (pushing us toward the shore). I was trying to find appropriate words to describe the experience playing with the waves at Karambunai beach. And I think I would say "this warm, powerful, sloshing continuous waves of Karambunai is a warm and gentle giant."

These photos at the beach of Nexus resort at Karambunai, Sabah, should give you a feel of how big the waves are. Click the photos to see full screen.

It should be approximately 3 meter to 4 meter height.

But the powerful waves seem to be safe as it kept pushing us toward a specific place of the beach.Click the photos to see them in full screen (or full size photo) in order to have a feel of the magnificent ocean waves.

Warm ocean waves in the morning.

Strong wind in the morning.

The warm and gentle giant. It was in December 2010.

Catching a stranger family on the waves' photograph.

Click the photo, see it in full size and you will be in awe.

Children and people looking at waves in the morning. Remember, click the photo to see the full sized photo.

Nexus Resort at Karambunai

Beside the waves and the beach at Karambunai, the resort, Nexus Resort, is decent although the price is a bit expensive.

The garden. 

Breezy lounge.

The room at Nexus Resort.

One of the restaurants.

Swimming pool.

More photo of waves at Karambunai and Karambunai's Nexus Resort & Spa.