View of a farming village at Kundasang

Kundasang is a beautiful town. It is full of visual surprises. It is a place you must stay for a few nights in your plan of climbing Mount Kinabalu.

The first evening at Kinabalu Pine Resort. I sit on the balcony and took this photo with my iPhone 4's HDR Pro app.

Sitting at the balcony of my room, I could see this view of a farming village. Weather at highland changes quickly and the same view look so different under different shades of sunlight.

Kundasang situated at about 1500 meters - 1800 meters above sea level. It is cold at night.

Morning sun on farming houses.

Fogs come and go quickly in the afternoon.

Good morning Kundasang.

I remember it was a starry night. Fog came and went quickly.
Do you remember the last time you see stars that really twinkle?

It was a starry night. The stars were bright and were really twinkling. I could see Orion and Big Dippers at different park of the dark night sky. I could hear sound of night insects and of human talking and laughing from afar. The wind was getting colder while we were sitting at the balcony of the room (our favorite spot). I remember Kundasang was as high as Cameron Highland.

Despite lights, the stars were so so so bright that night.

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