Earthquake at Mount Kinabalu

It is the last thing that you could imagine that an earthquake will hit Mount Kinabalu. Being a Malaysia we always pride ourselves living in a land devoid of natural disasters. Even Sabah is being called as the "Land Below The Wind", a phrase describes lands south of the typhoon belt.

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit the district of Ranau, Sabah, including Mount Kinabalu this morning at 7.17am. From the latest news, 10 people are unconscious, 3 mountain guides stuck in between boulders and rocks and hundred of mountain climbers still remain stranded at the plateau at the summit of the mountain. One death is confirmed.

BBC has a concise account of the quake. ABC Australia also reported the quake. From the news, it seems the fallen rocks are blocking the mountain trail preventing rescue team to gain access to the plateau.

Based on the latest news, at 10.30pm (5 June 2015) from the twitter of Minister of Tourism of Malaysia, who is from Sabah, the last 137 climbers is out from the plateau of the summit and had reach Panar Laban. They decided to continue their descend to the park's HQ.

Let's prey that everyone will be back to base camp safely.

A twitter showed a photo that the left ear of Donkey Ears is gone due to the tremor.

Get the latest news from the twitter of Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment who is from Sabah.