About Us

Mt Kinabalu's South Peak. Photo taken from Low's Peak.

If you love to climb mountain, if you love hiking, if you plan to climb Mount Kinabalu and need some guides, if you enjoy (reasonably) good photographs, etc. This blog website is for you.

First thing first, just to clarify, this website is not from a tour operator or tour agent, therefore we don't offer travelling package, transport arrangement, hostel at Laban Rata or Kinabalu Park, vacant place of climbing tour, etc.

(If you want to book a climbing tour, we do have a write up on booking a climbing Mount Kinabalu package.)

I am a 9-to-5 office worker. This website is produced out of my interest in writing, exploring the use of blog and social media for professional reasons, photography (though I am not really good at it) and (not-too-difficult) mountain climbing.

If you have query on climbing Mount Kinabalu, check out our guides on how to climb Mount Kinabalu and leave your questions as comments at relevant article posts.

About my experience in climbing Mount Kinabalu

In year 2010, twenty five of us, colleagues, attempted Mount Kinabalu. We split into 3 groups.

There were 8 of them in Group 1 who attempted the climb in August 2010. I joined the Group 2. There were 8 of us climbing the mountain in September 2010. There were 9 of them in Group 3 climbing the mountain in October 2010.

After the attempt of Group 1, with only 5 out of 8 team members made it to the peak, we realised climbing Mount Kinabalu is not as easy as we thought. Team members' of Group 1 prepared a Powerpoint slide presentation to guide us who, then, were preparing for the climb.

After our climb in September 2010, based on our experience, we prepared a more complete set of guides in Powerpoint slide presentation to help Group 3's members to prepare for their climb. This website started with the tips and guides in the presentation that I wrote and collected from the team members.

One of my photographs at the summit was selected as the cover photo of Annual Report 2010.

In  2011, I organised a trip to climb Mount Kinabalu for my family members. There were 7 of us. The oldest were my aunt at the age of 60. I provided guides to them on climbing Mount Kinabalu.

Low's Peak in the morning. 4,095 meter above sea level.

In the Future...

With only two climbs, it will not be the end of my climbing trip to Mount Kinabalu. I somehow feel that I still have some unfinished business with this majestic mountain, that I would like to climb it again and again.

I have not tried Mesilau Trail. I have not try via ferreta. And I am still young. :-)