Preparation is the key to reach the peak.


The entire trail to Laban Rata is just
walking uphill.
Among the mountains, Mount Kinabalu has one of the easiest hiking route to the summit. You only need to be healthy and reasonably fit enough to walk for approximately 6 hours uphill plus another 3 hours uphill with 10 hours of rest in between. You don't need to be trained for rock climbing. There is no rock climbing skills requirements.


Weather and season
On good months to climb Mount Kinabalu, on monsoon dealing with weather and guides from our experience dealing with wet here.

Flights and road transports
How to get there? You fly from anywhere of the world to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia then change your flight to AirAsia and fly to Kota here.

Booking to climb Mt Kinabalu
Sutera Sanctuary Lodges is the operator of Kinabalu Park. To book a place to climb Mount Kinabalu you need to book a place to stay at Laban Rata Resthouse... click here.

Overview of the climb journey
The only pre-requisition to climb to the peak of Mount Kinabalu is that you are healthy and fit enough to take a long walk uphill. Yes, I mean walking and not rock climbing...Read more here.

This South Peak photo is from Junious's photo stock. Use with his previous permission. ;-)


An overall training plan (for busy people)
Training objectives, schedule, method, places, people and terrain. Read more.

Prepare your body for a long uphill walk
Climbing Mt Kinabalu is technically easy...however, click here.

Descend: How to walk downhill?
I had a good downhill walk in my second climb to Mount Kinabalu. Here are the downhill walking techniques, click here.

Descent after breakfast at Laban Rata.

Getting Ready To Go

Clothing to climb Mt Kinabalu
It is important to keep yourself dry during the 2 days climb, from sweat and rain. How many sets of clothes do we need for the 2-day climb? What can we wear during the hike to Laban Rata and during the night climb to summit? click here.

Shoes & slippers
A pair of good hiking shoes is a MUST to climb Mt Kinabalu. Read about my takes on the famous Kampung Adidas and resources on choices of shoes to protect your legs and knees. Click here.

Gear & Equipments
Rain coat, gloves, hiking pole, headlamp (for the summit climb that starts on 2.30am), etc. Read more here.

First Aid & Medicines
What first aid items and medicines you should bring along with the climb? Read more here.

Full Checklist for Climbing Mt Kinabalu
You can go through the full checklist here with explanations. It also contains spreadsheet and PDF for easy print out.

The Mesilau Trail meets the old Kinabalu Summit Trail just above Layang-Layang.


Luggage arrangement
Where to keep your luggage when you climb up the mountain? How to divide your luggage? Who can help you with your luggage? Read more here on luggage arrangement.

Yes, you can call back. Read more on Telecommunication on Mt Kinabalu

Altitude sickness
Read more about this most common reason of why people cannot reach the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

Going down the slope of about, may be, 45 degree. Not difficult just need to be a bit careful.
The angle of the photo make the climb looks heroic. ;-)

Where to go in Sabah beside climbing Mt Kinabalu?

  • Try out the waves at Karambunai beach. I think the beach is belong to the resort, so you do need to make pre-arrangement to stay at the resort before going there.

Karambunai's ocean waves (South China Sea)

Pulau Sapi (Sapi Island) at Tunku Abdul Rahman National Marine Park. You can depart from Kota Kinabalu.

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